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Professional Portfolio.


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Fragility of Hope

A traumatic brain injury resulted in

3 years of memory loss.


These pieces are a "journal," of the

physical and psychological recovery.

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The Sacred Web Tarot

All are connected by the sacred web.

In 2022, The Sacred Web Tarot Deck was published and released by HarperOne.

A non-gendered, non-hierarchical, refreshing take on tradition. 

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Nature's Bounty

I find myself still searching for the "roots" of what makes the natural world tick.

Every piece re-aligning my own perception of self, teaching me more of where we all come from.

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Animalistic Tendencies

What truly amazes me is how alien each animal can appear when truly seen.

Here, in the world of the living, all creatures deserve a holy space to become their true selves.

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Sacred Cow
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Astrology Scrolls

From stardust to dust, many look for understanding in the stars.

Instead, I propose we look into the self to find the infinite connection to the stars.

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Comic Work

I LOVE COMICS. In 2021 I started making some of my own and playing with an entirely new medium. 

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Pop Culture

Fictional worlds are the only ones that make sense to me.

Here are some of my favorite characters- some original, and a lot of fun classics!

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Speaking without words. Each finger, each rotation of the wrist, speaks in a subconscious universal language

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